Fight the Top Ten Love blockers, Hatred!

On my personal Top Ten list of causes for disease there is right at the top a place for hatred. Hate devours enormous amounts of mental energy, and harms the health. How can I find out if it's true?

I go to my mental trainings distance. After I prepared for my exercise I let myself fall into a hate-filled feeling. As with elevator stairs I drive deeply inside into hate-filled feelings. I do not restrict myself with respect to the intensities of the feelings. Thus filled with hatred I visit in my imagination a place, which I love. I walk around. What happens? The place becomes dark and dead in my conception, the vegetation withers, the landscape assumes a devastated appearance. Why is it like that?

The pictures I saw, which developed in me were provided by my body. They are a part of my interior world, even if they show the outside world. By indulging in hate-filled conceptions, I caused to me internal damage. It became clear, because the landscapes dried up, which are pictures in me, which affect the well being of my body in reality.

A beautiful example of these facts is body language. Who already has experience with a body language coach, got the meaning of the internal pictures taught. If I remember positive things, then my body radiates with positive energy. If I have an oppressed body attitude, then this retro acts on my body. The body remembers situations, in which he was oppressed. The body knows only one fact, the moment and it accepts the internal pictures for real.

Any other person would possibly see different things than I had seen. But the effect on the body would be comparable. Thus, hate is directed immediately against me in my inside, as I learned of the exercise.

How do I deal with hate? Now, at first I repair the damages, which the conception caused in me. I go back to my favourite place. This time filled with an intense feeling of love. The landscape awakes immediately to flowering lives and regenerates.

Hate is expression of a rejection through third, which does not please me, harms me or threatens in my perception. The hate means, that my bodies is mobilized for a fight, direct or indirect. I fear elementary interests in danger. The first step to overcoming of hate is to ask the feeling for its meaning. Then to integrate the feeling. Why are you there? What do you want to retain?

If I asked myself this question, I can turn to meditation to find the answer. How can I protect my interest. In addition, I arrange an intensive love feeling on the interest. Whatever now occurs before my internal eye, is the solution. The steps, which will bring me out of the lurch and at the same time strengthen mentally. In this moment the hate is no longer necessary. I am filled with positive energy and for ready for acting.

A friend told me: “As I a was a small boy, my larger brother broke a toy, given as a gift to me. I hated him for it. He destroyed a unique copy which I weren't able to repair. Years later meditation helped me to understand. I felt in meditation, how my brother felt, when he destroyed my gift. He was filled with despair and envy. He had the feeling, never to have been given a comparable beautiful gift and he was under an obligation to destroy the gift in order not to suffer longer from the fact that he did not possess such a gift. As I understood my brother in meditation in such a way I could him forgive and my hate was gone. “

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