Woman without consent being made to a man? Nachrichtenchronik reports.

The Vienna newspaper reported on 12.12.2007 in its Internet edition of a process. A nurse sues a surgeon for compensation for pain and suffering.

"... For the 48-year old, now called Christiane, it has been " bad life " since 30 years ago. She has not been asked she was thrust into this life. Back then, in August 1977, the nurse were intact ovaries and uterus removed from a doctor in a Cologne hospital without prior education . "

The court case seems to be difficult due to missing files. Apparently it exists a letter from the surgeon to 'Kreiswehrersatzamt'. Then:

"However, there is a letter of 5 June 1979, in which the surgeon requests from the military authorities of the Bundeswehr, not to draft Völling because of being" genotypically female". "Völling, "wrote the doctor at that time, "has not yet been fully informed on the extent of his medical condition". The diagnosis of the patient should therefore "in no case" made known to Völling."

The judges will clarify the situation. If the events took place, as the suitor is claiming, then it would be a good example of how the type "mysterious men" act on people around. They decide without permission or consultation what may be best for other human beings , without a sense of guilt.

To take decisions for a person who must bear the consequences solely, without his or her consent, is unethical. The nurse seems to think the same.

"According to the suitor the surgeon should have stopped the surgery immediately when he noticed that the female internal reproductive organs were fully developed. With the surgery she was biologically irreversible been made to a man."
That article makes me angry and thoughtful at the same time. It motivates me, always to be clear about what I want from others, and to insist on that my personal decisions are respected.

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