Dream of the black feet

I dream and I do not know where I am.

I notice an older man. I know him, but I do not know from where. He says: "This body", he follows with his hand the shape of his body shape, "is not the real picture of me."

"I have collected much more energy in all those past years, than I had ever possessed in my youth. I should look young, like a baby! Or, as a small child. "The old man giggles happily.

"In front of me are only a few years to live, but it will be the most intense and most beautiful period of my life - and I think this is only possible, because I started early deal with the aging process. Early means even fifty years ago, in the so-called best years. "

I want to move, but my feet are strangely rigid. I look at my legs, they feel heavy and look black. He pursued my eye movement and commented:

"The fatigue of the black legs. If you are confronted more often with it, it is not easy to understand. People around you, most of them at your age lose on the surface of their energy body luminosity. Beautiful bodies are covered by a black crust and the process begins form the ground, from earth. People have increased routines, they no longer want to reinvent or relearn mentally and ossify and here I come into play, because now you get to do with age. Now, we must begin to meet age. Think - perhaps you need get 100 years old and must be kept in good shape in spite of everything. "

I doubt shaking my head. "100 years? How should I reach 100 years?"

"Quite simply, trust yourself, by staying young, you must get younger. You have to dream, learn and gather energy and do strange things, that will change you, and with your legs we will start. Feel your legs and tell me which color they have. "

I feel my legs, they seem to shimmer green - quite normal because I dream, yes. "Yes, they are green somehow."

He makes a sweeping gesture with the arm. "Just imagine, the legs are radiating fibers on a non solid ground. Let them flow."

I try it out. My dream is changing. I arrive as a child in my hometown. The street of my youth is the theme of the dream.

He clears his throat, the old man has accompanied me. "Ah, now you have understood what children are. The are not rooted, have no routines, are able to re-root. Go to the place of your work and look at your legs. Take your time, I bet, they are black and encrusted. "

Changing the dream scene. I am in an office of a company I once worked for years ago. I regard my legs, a black crusty layer seems to covers them. "Yes, you are quite right."

"And if you have found this out, then you do not simply transmit your children feeling on your 'professional legs' No, let the green helpers work for you. They are friendly small flames, they dissolve this black crap. The flames live on that but they need an invitation, so invite them, put them on your professional legs and wait until a significant change of colour occurs. "

In dreams everything seems to be simple. I want to see green flames that wander upon my legs, and they are already there. They liberate my legs from the black load. I can move again. A liberated feeling, and a pleasure to work captured me.

The old man pats me on the shoulder. "To sum up: Over the years the body of energy of your colleagues in everyday life ossifies. Helper, the green flames clean our legs. As a result, we are pleased standing on strength giving ground, which bring us to our goals."

If this dream stirs something inside you, try to understand. Otherwise: Not all dreams come true.



Liara Covert said...

Fear can seem to paralze us in dreams and in waking life. The more you learn about the reasons behind your feelings, the better you get-to-know yourself. Thanks for sharing this.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello liara, you are right. Fear paralyzes and understanding the roots of fear will expand my knowledge about myself.