Tagged! 7 Random Facts About Me

I have been tagged by Tania at Whole Living Today. Well, seven random and/or weird facts about me and from germany.

  1. I like to cook. I am fond of vegetables, chicken, garlic, tofu.. Often I play it by ear instead of following a fixed recipe.
  2. I like people and I am fascinated that intelligent people often are slaves of their instincts even if they understand. Reason alone seems to bring no freedom.
  3. I nearly died of asthma as a child.
  4. l like to go swimming. But I swim as slow as a slug on the ground.
  5. I like Paris, there are beautiful museums where you can wander endlessly.
  6. I like the americans but sometimes we in good old Europe have the feeling, that the US Government doesn't care enough for global topics like global warming, pollution...
  7. I drive a Volkswagen Car, type lupo, who only need 3.3 l per 100 km which means 94 miles per gallon.

Ok… consider yourself tagged:

Now for the rules:

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Mark said...

Thanks for sharing you 7 things about you. Interesting!
THanks for tagging me, however, I normally do not do memes. I am going to pass on this one.
Appreciate the thought.

aaidjs said...

Hello and Thanks for tagging me!It was very interesting read all about you!Regards Silvana

Ray Gratzner said...

@mark:Thank you for commenting. I have read about different attitudes towards theses tagging posts. Some people recommend to stay away from them.

I think as long as it is fun it is ok for me.

@aaidjs: Thank you for commenting. Nice to hear that some random facts about me are interesting. You are welcome.