To Deal With Death

An important concept in the esoteric realm is dealing with life and death. A lot of people associate with their religion a kind of after life insurance. By paying church tax, and obeying to the rules of the religious community, an orderly moving into life after death should be guaranteed.

Yesterday, I spoke about Hitler, who threw our parents and grandparents in a world full of dramatic life decisions, and this shows the need to deal with the theme of death. Because not everyone could withdraw and leave the country, as long as he has commitments and obligations, which he did not want to leave behind.

I would like to present seven exercises about dealing with the death.Their purpose is aimed at giving the practitioner control to his life and his death. These exercises are:

Finding the opening of life.
The cleaning of the opening of Life
The strengths of the opening of Life
The recalling of life energy
To be advised by the death
The internal choice to die.

These exercises are no healing exercises. Who is sick, please search the help of a doctor. These exercises resulted from the observation of the second attention, and as I explained in earlier posts, the time between the two-level attention is not synchronised. Nevertheless, it is important to perform these exercises before a dramatic encounter takes place, because I can never be sure who will retains the upper hand while wrestling with the death.

On the journey into the unknown this part is among the exercises to collect energy, as dealing wit death is the unmatched supplier of energy.

Finding the opening of life.

If I imagine for a moment that I might be in a further description of the world an energy ball, then there would be a point of rupture in this energy ball called the opening of life where the ball of energy gets in contact with the surrounding world.

Death, a power which I currently not describe directly, is now trying to tire the rupture point, opening wider, and finally to destroy the energy ball.

In order to control this process, to win, I am aware of the rupture point. A reminder at the beginning, when I find the rupture point, then I might be curious how the rupture Point of other people may look like. I ask you to refrain. Most people have stored before the opening items from the inside, like people in Hollywood films that block up doors to fight intruders off. Who gets in the vicinity will be confronted with a lot of negative energy, which will result in no benefit for the seekers.

Tyrants like Hitler, incidentally, stress the rupture point by taking the people everything they had to live for. Robbed of their items and with no control over the opening of life, you are fast in a mortal danger.

Let's start, I am in a loving mood. I love the world. The opening of life is experienced only by love, because loving fibers shine with a special light that only makes the opening of life visible.

I am aware that I perceive the world in my interior. What is important for me in life? Lovingly I go through the things I cling to, then, I imagine that I am bid farewell to these things and I release them.

Do not force nor expect anything. Many things can happen now. There could occur a heat in the navel, a picture of a flower could emerge. In what appears, I look for my own image in order to discern it from the feelings of other people. I see myself in the flower or in the heat of the navel, or the sound, or ..., then I found the opening of life. If nothing happens. Don't be sad, and do the practice at another time again. With progressive exercise, the images get clearer and clearer. Now I go my way back. I remind myself of the things I love, I take them back, they are welcome and quit the exercise.

So far, so good for today.


Mark said...

Interesting. Waiting for the next installment.

Liara Covert said...

Your views always leave your readers with things to ponder. Thanks for sharing the perspective. Some people also believe death doesn't exist. These people sense that the spiritual being inside simply changes form when the physical body fades away.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello liara, mark,

thank you for commenting. Currently I believe in the experiences I can make of my own.

I don't know how to evaluate the simple change of form after death?

Maybe if you witness a person dying?