Walking Tour

For long hours I trudged behind her. The scenery was lovely, speckled with white stones. We sat down abruptly.

"Listen to me Ray."

"Men love to get a part of a bigger thing. They love the state, reason, the exchange system or the money. What really counts for them is, that it must be bigger and stronger than a man. Thus men love women not unless women are bigger and stronger than a man, this would be the Madonna, the boss, the mother or the Goddess. "

"A little weak woman is not loved by men. Men love to protect her. This love is self-love and therefore I have written a poem. "

"Men are big and strong and full of love

They love the power, the state and the strokes "

"Is there more?" I asked.


I am scratching my head. How should I understand what she said to me?

"A woman loves what deserves attention, regardless of the size, power and money. Women are aware of the limitations of men to understand love, but women can still love men, gifted from their female nature to love the world. The soul of the men has been lost in a rank order of the world. "

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