Hacked Off

He rubbed his hands, then clapped his hands for a few times and ran on the spot. He smiled in a exaggerated manner and looked a little bit stupid.
"Why do you do that?", I wanted to know.
"This reminds me of how some people exert themselves, full of determination they warm up, and then run on the spot. "
"But that is silly," I protested.
"But it is exhausting," he said nodding with his head. "I could not spend hours trotting on the spot. Eventually, I start sweating and then I will come out of breath."
"What do you want me to say?" I asked annoyed.
"You?" He fluted harmlessly.
"What I wanted you to say. Every technology, every knowledge is useless if we do not move from our position. When the day is over, look around and ask yourself what am I seeing today unlike yesterday. If you have an answer, then you are there, where I would like you to be. "
"No matter what the answer is?"


Anonymous said...

The simplest of change makes a difference. Energy moves & creates a different reality. We don't always notice, but nothing will ever be the same. Great post!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear tania,
thank you for your praise. I am happy you enjoyed the post.