Learning To See Energy Fields III

Energy fields are in constant motion and continuous change. They are not comparable with the flow of water, because the water remains water, it flows into a direction.

Energy can transform its manifestation and then it is not any more I have just felt a moment before. When the mind is asked, then he tells us that there we feel two different energies. Seeing the energy fields will be blocked by the mind, who wants to impose a causality in any change.

Energy flows, changing its meaning is not due to a discernible cause. The key to understanding the energy fields is simpler.


Every moment millions of dying creatures lose meaning in the real world. New creatures are born. The energy that is driving the change, cannot cling to energy fibres filled with love and thus leave no lasting damage. Who wants to see energy fields, will sooner or later get an impression of the energy that is driving the transformation.

In everyday life we protect us from harm with ordinary precautions, such as to look around before crossing a street whether the road is free. In contact with energy field we protects us by turning to love and letting go of negative feelings. As a result the transformation energy bus cannot run into us.

Exercise: I imagine a sword created from the feeling of love. As much as I try, I can not injure myself with that sword.

Now I imagine a sword born out of hate and hurt feelings. This sword appears to me to be darker with less power than the sword of love. In its quintessence hurting means impurities of energy fibers. With a strong jet of love I clean the sword of hate and quit the exercise.

Conclusion: In dealing with the second attention turning to love and positive thinking is a precaution which protect us from the harmful effects of the transformation energy.

So, let the love and the power of positive thinking be on all of your spiritual journeys like the dragon blood in which Sigurd bathed.


Merging Point said...

Yes rainer! Love is nature, an innate one. To be natural is to be full of love...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear mergingpoint, I am happy you said it.

A.V.C. said...