You Loser

"You loser." He stared directly in my face. "You loser."

What was probably the reason for his remark? I shrugged with my shoulders. I do not care whether someone called me a loser.

"You loser." He stared at me and I still noticed how my impartiality was going to crumble. This brazen starring at me began to annoy me. I don't gawk at people like that ', I thought. He knows nothing of me ', I said to myself again.

"You know why people call other people loser?", he asked.

"Because you are a clever Dick who knows everything better," I replied a bit unexpectedly pointed.

"Maybe, maybe not. Are you interested in my opinion? "

"Yes, certainly - tell." Encouragingly I nodded.

"People call other people after my experience loser because they are fixated on success. They are fixated on one particular thing that they are appreciate so highly that - when other people do not share the same value and therefore act differently - they see in them loser. "

"Is there an an example?"

"Yes. People who have professional success, believe they are better people than those in the hierarchy below. As if the rising were the very value in life, the success. "

"They make a lot of money and they base upon that fact and the associated possibilities their value ," I gave to consider.

"What is the use of it if you are rich but will never know things who you would know with a loving heart because it is under your dignity to consort with 'losers'."

"Rich people live longer, they can afford the best physicians."

"That may be so, perhaps. I maintain that people who love, live longer, because they have more vitality. But the point with the people who stamp the other as loser is: every person has the choice what he does in his life, but we have no choice how others will evaluate what we do. "

"Should I opt for others to be valuable I have been the longest period of time free. Others will now determine what is good and what is bad for me. Should I opt for my own values, then I am not free either. Maybe I have less money than other people. But I am the one who assesses the value of what I do, because I must not tell anyone. "

"If you call someone a loser, then he wants you to tell him what you do in order to allow a comparison. And you do not need to tell him, if you follow your heart. "

"Follow your heart, but these are worn empty words , about everyone says that today," I remarked.

"That may be, but they are for me no empty words, because I mean the love of living. There is something that follows each of our steps and evaluate them. This is the death. The death does not care, he does not want to compare, he also gets his share of the career people. "

"The love of life that we experience when we live an additional day as a gift, this love is the force which I mean with a loving heart of mine. To follow this force, in my view, is the most successful kind of a life to live. "


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

What one is, that they see in the other. The one who called you a loser, is actually experiencing the loser in himself. If the person feels good, they see good in the others outside....it is thus very important for one's own growth and progress to be in the company of people who can identify greatness in oneself rather than point out the loose ends and loopholes.

n*tranced said...

This is beautifully written. Our egos do get int he way, don't they.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear swahilya, thank you for pointing out the advantage of being in good company. Thanks

Hello n*tranced, I agree with you, they do.