Exchange staff?

Oscar Wilde says, "The world is a stage, but the play has a bad cast of characters."

Sometimes I know that feeling, that the people around me do not seem to be reasonable enough to perceive the best solution. Why does the colleague need three weeks for a seemingly simple matter that would cost me maybe five minutes? The idea of a bad play is charming, it would obviously explain everything.

But it does not explain why I think so disrespectful of a fellow, or maybe even esteem myself better than the people around. Many of my blog visitors meditate and have found access to a part inside in which we can feel part of a divine spark feeling part of a whole to be. My colleague or neighbour, who performs poorly in my eyes, is a part of this whole too. That divine spark I owe respect but not the poor performance and both feelings in my inside have to be cleanly separated.

After cooling down, I am free to recognize that the problems of my colleagues to perform in 5 minutes is due to the fact that theses problems are again solutions to other problems. Solutions, not designed for someone like me at the time they were invented. In 95% of all cases the underlying causes are not the people's problem, but the system in which they work. And standing before this overall structure the individual feels often helplessly and gives up.

Helplessly before the daily routines, the routines of others, the individual is no longer seen as coequal.

No, not the staff must be changed, we must find a way to change the self-imposed rules and laws and systems more humane so as to make the individuals experience security and satisfaction instead of powerlessness.


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

when the changes happen within
the rules of the game change without
and the difference begins to show
in our own increasing freedom
in not being touched by the problems outside

A.V.C. said...

Dear rainer,
Good point, and Swahilya's insight is well worth emphasizing. Everyone has the power to change All.

Thank you; will be back.

Ray Gratzner said...

dear swahilya, true beauty comes from inside. Your comments betray your beautiful personality. Thank you.

dear a.v.c welcome and thank you for commenting.