Love & Hunger

At the beginning is the word, love. It falls in the stomach and then it is called hunger. Of course, the feeling could change again into love and all hunger would be forgotten.

We sometimes feel love as being hungry and there is a saying. The way to some one's heart is through the stomach. Why is this so, that hunger and love might be similar to each other? When we are full, we are satisfied and if we are loved, we are satisfied.

The parallel is obvious. The soul needs love to live, the body requires food to live.
Love is the food of the soul, and often we look for love when we encounter other people, like our parents, our life partners or the people we meet.

If others love us, then we will be likeable, if other stroke us, then we have will be likeable, if other say nice things to us, then we have to be likeable and our nourished soul rises and flies.

But if we could only fly if other loved us, we would perhaps become like chickens, which live mostly on the ground. Only the ability to self-love gives us the power to own still a strong soul, even if the last loving human should have left us alone.

In contrast to the hunger we do not eat up our soul, if we love ourselves. Indeed we are at the optimal operating point of the soul. The love looks, searches and finds strength everywhere, only the unloved perceives locked doors and hunger everywhere.

Small meditation. Full soul. I imagine my soul is full like a body feels full. What feeling is fullfilling me?


Queeno Danile said...

I really like your blog!

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello queeno danile,

thank you for your friendly words.

rain-bow-bridge said...

... I believe that love and feeding (sic!, energetically or otherwise) are completely different... experiences... "only love is real"... if you had some spare time, you could listen to this - http://www.worldpuja.org/archives/2008-04-10/index.php?rnd=1279&listen=on (Angelina Heart on the Twin Flame experience, from the WorldPuja[org] Archives) - I feel it both validates and elaborates on your experience / question...

Ray Gratzner said...

hello rain-bow-bridge,

thank you for the hint, I will check it.