The mysterious man says:

The lie is usually nothing more than words carelessly said. The mysterious man is very conscious of this, that the world is more what the people think than what the world really is. Would it be presumptuous to say that if we gave the people what they thirst for, an illusion and a confirmation of their beliefs, a good work would be done?

Why the truth idolatry if the creative soul calls for expression, and the truth is always despised. That way looked on the mysterious man is the creator, a genius,who reads with the effort and endless stamina and diligence small signs of joy and disapproval in the body language of his fellows and stage among them the tragedy everywhere.

Who liked it not to go for free into the theatre, who liked it not escaping his life into a world that is larger than anything on earth? This art can only the mysterious man perform. He who abdicated the truth for the art's sake, has scars on the soul and sometimes on the body, when from time to time the people in crowds go away from him. Oh ye Philistines, didn't you like to believe my lies, and now as the potion along the throats rushed down, now that the bitter aftertaste appears, now you want to taste truth? You morons, don't you know not what you want?

I know, therefore I always pick new friends, the unconsumed and unspoiled which the community throws me in my arms. All time because my genius nuisance, must always patiently ensnare the new disciples until the bond of trust is established, then the network of complexities is woven and finally the sack of lies again is tied above them. It is not my fault, its my nature. So get out or play with me.

Now, finally something different, a quotation from Friedrich Nietzsche. "The madness is rare among individuals, but for groups, parties, peoples and times it is the norm."


BT Cassidy said...

Another great post, Ray. Sometimes I wonder if, in our, human world, truth is decided by a majority consensus rather than the reality of the situation. This causes me but little fear. the thing that causes me great fear is we seem able to change that truth, and pretend it was never any other way, not by compact, or design, but by some unspoken mute function we grasp to close off reality. it's a strange, and often beautiful world.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear bt cassidy you are right, it stirs in me fear a fear too, to think about such a mute function. To me it seems like this function works with cold feelings. The individual gets its mobility back by feeling warmth

Tomas Karkalas said...

Thoughtful post and just perfect quote. It is worthy digging deeper indeed- Thank you

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear thomas, your comment makes me happy.