Men learning love: The secret of Love

"The secret of love is simple. Fulfilment."

She closes her eyes.

I loved this world
My fire drove me through this world
Where nothing belonged to me
And I enjoyed the miracle
I met my soul at the Lake of Love
We drank the same water

"Ray you will find out if love is accompanied by a quiet enjoyment of life, that your love will show you something. Again and again he flashes inside, the core of your self built of pure love. We are all icebergs of strange stature. One part of us as big as a pinhead is hanging over the water of everyday life and we all strive to devote 100% of our power to this pinhead large share. "

"But 99% are below the surface. This part consist of 99% pure love and it is our other self, a knowing, a fallen angel in pain suffering meat. But this angel immediately unfolds its wings, setting his sail of attention, if our with love imbued souls have a look from the 1% part at the inside. "

"Love your fallen angel. Like a moth, which is trapped in the house, like a fish on the land, like a man in space, he doesn't understands his prison, he searches the exit. And you carry the key to the lock by directing your attention on your inner world and love everything that respond to you from inside . We humans, and especially the men find it so difficult to love their inner world, because our inner worlds are usually demonized. For small children, we still have the presumption of innocence, but not of adults. "

"From all sides we hear 'mistrust our inner worlds'. On this fourth day you learn to overcome all these barriers through loving your inner worlds unconditionally. Meet your fallen angel and connect with him. He will carry you to the coronation of love."

"The coronation of love?"

... To be continued ...


Liara Covert said...

Exploring the inner self is very rewarding. Each person's journey seems different, but potential lessons learned are very similar.

Jena Isle said...

It is often said that the greatest and most difficult enemy is yourself.
And I can glean from this post that we should come to terms with this inner self, love it for who he/she is
and come to know him/her more.

As usual, a thought-provoking post.

Thanks for sharing.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, it's true, even if the way is different, the lessons are the same.

Dear jena isle, enemy or friend, we choose... Thank you for your comment.;-)