Buddha says:

Buddha says:
' Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.'

I appreciate the wisdom of Buddha. He says to us, that we should not depend on
him. I think we will always find enough wisdom for more than a life, if we would learn to listen to our inner wisdom.

Today I listened inside and I remembered, that frugality is essential for my well-being. Frugality does not mean to do without things I want to do. It means to do the things you want to do without extravagance.....


Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray, good post. I have read a book by Bo Sanchez which says that leaving frugally doesn't mean living poorly, it simple means appreciating those that are not costly but are very significant. Examples of these are golden times spent with loved ones, taking a much needed breath of fresh air, jogging or walking your way to health. Sitting down and writing that long over due story that would make you feel better. These are all very important but inexpensive ways to have a healthy and happy life.

We should learn how to appreciate the simple things that we have. We just have to learn to look for them in our daily existence.

Happy blogging, thanks for sharing.

enreal said...

You make an important point... how often do we truly only need what we need... in the end it is the excess which we learn from... wether material or immaterial... it is the excess... great post once again Ray

Sassy Mama Bear said...

What a very poignant post and something I really needed to hear today. Fought with my mum over money this morning and it was very unsettling. Thank you for a much needed eye opener.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I don't know Bo Sanchez and so I leran from you. Maybe I will look after this writer. Thank you for these many examples of frugal but wonderful actions... Blessings.

Dear enreal, thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I appreciate your comments. Blessings.

Dear sassy, it makes me smile, when you say that the post was useful to you. Blessings.

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Ray Gratzner said...

Hey jules, you know Jules Vernes who told a lot of phantastic stories? I wish you all the best, but at the moment I am not quite sure wether to take your comment seriously, no offence meant......