How to cope with commands?

You must, you have, would you be so kind and do what I said." All day long you can hear such remarks wherever people live. Everyone owes something to everyone and everyone might have a expectation on me that I might not meet.

People who feel forced, do not feel well, are not in balance.

Nothing needs to be done! In most cases everyday activities are not about life and death which would dictate a 'have to'. What can I do to avoid situations in which I have to obey orders?

My advice to myself:

* Go a path of my heart. As long as I can love what I do, as long long I will not feel forced, even if I am compelled to do things.

* Wait calmly for the things I want to experience. The faster I want to get something, the more I need the people around me to raise their usual speed. They want services in return. They stick price tags on their responsiveness, at some point the sum of these tags might be a constraint in your life.

* In your field of interest try to learn as much as possible. The more knowledge and skills you have, the more people are searching your advice and let you work freely and independently.

* From time to time let your soul travel. Even if you were in a prison, a dream trip gives you a feeling of freedom and independence. Let this feeling influence your everyday mood.

* From time to time visualize authorities. What commands do they want to give you? Where do you have unconsciously accepted orders, give them back.

* And finally, the top advice, don't quarrel and be at ease with negative consequences of a decision. Your feelings will otherwise chain you to the obstacles. Be happy that you've learned and your emotions will take you back on your way of your heart.

If the Earth is the Garden of Eden, would we feel forced or lured? Happy surfing.


Jena Isle said...

Good post. I will try to adapt it.

But as they say, there will always be someone greater or lesser than you are. So at one time or another, we may receive a command or give a command. It is a reality that we have to accept. How we perceive the command can help in many ways on how we receive it.

Thanks for sharing.

Lucy Lopez said...

What beautiful advice! Each one felt like like the words of a kind, old grandparent or an ancient sage! Wherever they came from, it is good place. May you speak/write from this place often!

Warm wishes, Lucy

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, yes there are these situations you describe. The inner perception is a key element I agree.. Thank you for commenting.

Dear lucy, maybe it is a spiritual grandfather.... Thank you for your support..

Enreal said...

Ray... the more and more I read your words the more and more I become amazed... even at peace... your advices are words of knowledge and wisdom... they hold great hope for me when I am torn between the ideal and surreal... does that ever make sense? perhaps one day we will be as we are meant to be... free from demands... of others and ourselves... thank you for sharing these beautiful words and advice

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal, thank you for your feedback and the question of sense is often more a question of persons around ourselves than a question of our own. Keep on doing the things you were looking after...