Sexuality and Partnership 7

She leans back and looks at me. Then she looks up at the ceiling. Whether she remembers?

Slowly her words roll out her mouth like perls on a string.

"Mankind would no longer be if we do not possess the ability to love and raise love in other people. The ability to love, it means to take life as it is. Only then could humanity survive even the toughest events. Because the love will open sources of power, spiritual power centers, which the body can use for better performance-like taking enhancing drugs for more strength efficiency. We will both during our walks along the brim of infinity visit the spirit of the human species and you will see that he carries a promise along him. "

"Humanity will exist as a species, as long as the people love. Whenever the last man on earth is no longer filled with love, then the spirit of the human kind will turn around and will leave without any delay this earth."

"If you learn to love, then you support that the spirit of our kind remains in this generation on Earth. If you learn to awaken love in other human beings, then, the spirit of the human kind will be here as long as these people live."

"If you learn to teach the ability to love to the people in general then perhaps we human beings remain as long as the planetll is alive. And that is regardless of whether there is war or not, whether people hate or not, whether people want or not. "

"The spirit of love is the life of the species, is the spiritual water of the people."

I nod. "The spiritual water, I can well imagine."



"Say, do you love me?"

I am irritated. We sit here and I like her, but is it love? Is not love a big strong feeling among people who are close friends? I look at her and yes, I feel an intense feeling of love for her.

She smiles.

"I know, that you have an intense feeling of love for me and I will teach you how to make other people feel the same about you if you want it. Feel me."

I feel a flow, a river, like water bubbling in her.

"Imagine you would consist only of this lively bubbling water."

Now I realize a source of this liquid in my solar plexus.

"Let this liquid flow down in the middle of your body and rise again atyour back rise until it is over your head, then you can let it flow down on you."

I perform the exercise and feel very comfortable with that. I feel loved.

"So Ray, and now imagine that in other people ther is the same flow, search him to see him."

I see the flow in many people. But time and again a blackness is spreading in the upper part of the spiritual body which suppresses the flow of love.

"What is the cause why people has difficulties to let their love flow?", I ask.

She remains silent. Only after a while it responds. "There are the enemies of love, greed, restlessness, power and defiance. Each of these feelings can stop the flow of love. But everyone who has the flow of love in himself can affect others and let their love flow again. Touch the solar plexus of these people. "

In my imagination I gently touch hadly notecable the emotional point, and indeed, the flow begins again, which was stopped.

"Whenever you meet someone, just touch him and bring his love in motion. It costs you virtually no energy, but your relationship will be the best and now the real issue. Sex."

To be continued ....


Jena Isle said...

May I ask something Ray? Where do you get all these? I know that love has always been known to be advocated as the solution to problems, but your presentation is different. You're presentation makes it more interesting and titillates the imagination of the reader.

I agree that brotherly love - "agape" would be the main factor for the human species to survive. Without love, we as humans, would be exterminated. It is the only way we can live and survive.

I like most especially how it is explained detail by detail, like a teacher patiently explaining to a student.

and Ray, I'm looking forward to the next exciting topic.

I truly agree with you on this post because I too believe that "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly."

Superb post. All the best,

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, do you know lucid dreaming?
So, this dialogue is inspired by a memory of a lucid dream. We all are enlisted in spiritual university. Some attend there lectures other's don't. It is no great deal of course.

Sometimes I wonder if I should present these topics in little booklets, but at the moment I have no idea how to start and what to do, to make it readable enough for people....
All the best Rainer