Job Description

In a company, everyone has his job description saying him what to do. The job description is based on the assumption that the work is performed in predictable ways and it provides the security how the job has to be done.

Not everything is predictable and thus good employees will take the initiative when it comes to errors or exceptional situations. They operate outside their job description and do things for which they are not authorized in order to get the work running again.

How does your job description for the daily life looks like? Do you know why you're in this world and what you have to do? What will you do in exceptional situations. Do you continue your life according to your job description, will you make up your mind and will you look for a solution on your own that might be far off your usual decisions in your life - not foreseen - to be able to continue with your everyday work?

What is the common product that we humans produce in the world. Unconditional love?

Understanding the world or the universe?

Simple survival, no matter what?

What is in your job description?

I believe that we humans spend one half of our life to create a description of the world in which we will be caught. And we need the other half of our life to liberate us from the description again. Not measured in absolute values as number of years. Based on the moment. That is this - aha doing. And that it is not - aha ~ ~ ~.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray,

Well life is an eternal quest for the truth. This discovering should never stop because when it stops, we'll lost our meaning in life. We create our own worlds and as you've said live half of it the way we wanted to and then, leave halo of it to counter the other half.

Do you believe in parallel worlds Ray? It is a thought provoking concept. Who knows? it might prove true in the future, but for now, we content ourselves with the truth the we know now.

As usual, brilliant post. Keep posting and happy blogging.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, parallel worlds? Interesting concept. To some extent I could apply this idea.
Jena, I think you are the philosopher or may be we are two parallel philosopher...;-) Happy blogging..

A.V.C. said...

That last paragraph is right on the money.

Great post.