Wise ball pens and so.....

There once was a wise ballpoint pen. He was filled with the ink of life and the ink of knowledge. His owner was a yip yapping discursive man. Before he ever noticed what a miracle he owned, he wrote a boring letter to his old man.

'Dear Dad. Go, see a doctor immediately. He will find out that you have a benign tumor in the abdomen, which - if now removed - would be the last obstacle to a long life. "

Such letters he wrote many. The recipients were surprised, but they followed the advice and everything was fulfilled. After some time the owner of the pen heard stories about the wonderful achievements of his letters. Thus the man thought, "Great, and now I write a letter to myself"

'Dear stupid, you would not even realize when Santa Claus in person would be in front of you. With so much stupidity you really need help. Go immediately into the ... '
The ink was scanty.
'... he ... the May Street and ring at .....', and then the ball pen was empty.

"Whew," thought the man as "This pen could not have been such a great miracle because he got empty to soon..."

He grabbed the pen put him back in the box on which still the store label was displayed, wonder ball pen from the writing witch, the May street, and threw the ball pen in the garbage.


A.V.C. said...

This one was sure to uplift;
and make you think
on how we should use our gift
not only pens with ink!

jena isle said...

Can an ordinary mind fathom the meaning of this? lol... what avc said is true...but in my case, I have to relate it to my own experience and I can't follow...lol...I'm lost with such profundity.

You're THE PHILOSOPHER, can you care to enlighten me? Thanks. and God bless.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. Thank you for this smart poem. I appreciate every line. Happy blogging...

Dear jena, thank you for the nickname. Well as long as I learn from you jena, I might encounter a severe desaster trying to enlighten you.... Happy blogging...