Sorry, I wasn't online lately

Not always is the way into the Internet without obstacles, similar to this in the path through the bog in Botrange, Belgium ....


unfortunately it was not possible for me to organize my Internet access without interruptions. I hope to be soon back online on a regularly basis.
At the time I enjoy the sun and feel well and kill time with a little black humor.

For example:

  • Does it prove you are not superstitious, if you would let yourself be buried on a Friday, the thirteenth?
  • Is it recommendable to kill time and wait until the time kills you?
  • Is it true that we are born with no teeth, no hair and no fantasies and that we die without teeth and no hair and no fantasies again?
  • And why do all want to live long, but nobody really wants to be old?

Thank you for the many comments that reached me ...

Small lizard philosophizing on the castle tower Quéribus. A few more inches further you could plunge into at least 100 meters depth ....


jenaisle said...

Apology accepted Ray, hehehe, kidding...enjoy your time, don't worry about us, when you'll come back, we'll still be here..

Interesting questions indeed...from dust we came and unto dust we shall return, so what really is the purpose of life? You're the philosopher, you answer the question. (smiles).

Take care and God bless.

Robin said...

Glad you are okay, Ray!

enreal said...

Great questions... we are very fickle us humans ;)