A brief look beyond the path was enough. This ravine was a few hundred meters in depth. Terrible. Martin felt his heart beating and simultaneously the pain spread in his chest. He just had received a call on his Cellphone. The love of his life wanted to go home. She came from another country and it was unclear whether he would see her ever again.

Martin peeked over the edge and looked at the weathered stump, which lay across the canyon. "If I fall down here, then I won't see Laura for a lifetime again." Martin felt how his fear of heights made his knees feel soft. He sat down.

"Back I can not go, because then Laura will already be gone. To run another safe way is no solution. I will be late too. There is only one choice. I must go across this tree and I must do it soon or she will be gone. "

Martin stood up and walked boldly forward with quick steps. A ladybug flew past him. Martin didn't notice him, because his gaze hung on the safe side of the gorge, which would be his salvation.

Since his Cellphone rang. Involuntarily he looked down and saw past his pants in the yawning abyss. The knees became soft. Martin pulled the cellphone from the pocket and pressed the button. "I will call help," he thought, when he saw himself slip like in slow motion from the tree.

While he started falling to the ground, he thought, 'What the heck, now I can telephone unhurriedlyl. "



"Laura?", His heart rejoiced, she was on the other side of the line.

"I wanted you to tell you that I stay. Are you happy?"

The flight wind drove Martin's tears up into his hair. He nodded and felt the resistance of the wind. "Yes Laura - I am delighted as would it be my last time on earth."
The ground came closer and the wind was making his trousers flap so that it sounded like a rhythmic knocking sound.

"You sound depressed. Is everything okay Martin? Sometimes you have to trust life and you just let go."

Martin hit the ground and found himself on the hotel floor. It knocked impatiently at the door. Flabbergasted Martin went to the door and opened it. Laura stood there.

Laura startled, overlooked then deliberately the spare apparel of Martin. "Martin there is something happening at home. I must travel home."

Martin recalled, that he had died for this woman. "I love you", he shouted at her. "I love you. I love you." He laughed and swallowed. "... love you," he whispered.

Dear readers, and what responds Laura?


tashabud said...

As I read this, my heart was aching for the two. I thought, what a sad way to die. Just when you're told that she's staying, and then there you are plunging into your death. I'm glad that it was all a dream? Or, did I miss it altogether?


jena isle said...

he he he. Tasha, that is what I understood too and felt from Ray's post. I didn't know he was a short story writer too..lol..such unexpected twist and turns of the story.

Well, I want a happy ending, so Laura will say: " I love you too, and I will come back. Wait for me!"

and the picture is scary, I have a fear for heights too.

Great post!

A.V.C. said...

Good story; I like it.

We never know when the changes of Saturn will take place, But we know that that day must come.

And as I think your short story conveys, this is a reason not to be worried, but rather to live life to its fullest.

This goes for every moment, even the one we think is the very last one.

Thank you.

enreal said...

"Martin? I love you as well" she laughs.

As she turns to go she stops and turns back, "Things are not always as they seem... time and space... I shall return before you awake"

Martin smiles.