Somewhere behind the rainbow

Somewhere beyond the rainbow, there is a land ....

Which land is hiding behind the rainbow, your rainbow? Again and again, I note that I loose my way on the way to the land behind the rainbow, I get lost. That I notice that daily life has eaten up my search and I must sit down again - stop. In silence, I search the rainbow.

Sometimes he seems to linger in the sun, sometimes he cuts through the rain. I am regularly in the land behind the rainbow, from where I write a story now and again. Scattered among the other stories, they are sand grains in the blogosphere.

When I once was in the country behind the rainbow, I met a lizard with whom I had made a date years ago. I would not have thought that this lizard was so on time, but it appeared exactly at the promised time. We had a long conversation about people and lizards, and eventually the lizard said, humans are young people. Humans have not really found their place in the world yet and according to the view of the lizard humans cause no more or less damage than other species perhaps have already performed.

"Your people must learn to feel the people who would live many thousands of years from now on. These people are an inspiration for all who live now, because, unfortunately, any species ist to themselves father and mother, even if they just were born. But we lizards may easyily talk, we are already old, "the lizard said.

Well, a conversation behind the rainbow might not mean much, but do we have children and grandchildren, who might be our parents?


Kimmy said...

beautiful post. I have missed coming to your site!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Ray,

You're back, what a relief. I was getting worried about you. I hope everything is okay. I have missed your short but thought provoking posts.

This post brought a smile to my lips. Yes, sometimes we could learn a thing or two from kids. Children are sometimes so pure, we need to pause and learn from them.

I like also what you said about humans being "young". But that's the journey we must undertake and experience everyday. We could also have this spirit of discovery, give meaning to it, when we encounter people who could give meaning to our lives.

As usual, I had to pause and think.

Welcome back Ray.

Mark said...

I love the post and the conversation. Yes, we must act "as if" and be the mature love that is our essence.

surjit said...

a wonderful post.I agree with you when you say:
...'we have children and grandchildren, who might be our parents?..'
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

enreal said...

Dear Ray... I understand these words more so than you could imagine. I wish you peace and happiness on your path... I missed your words. Blessings Rainer

Robin said...

Ray - you're back! Good news! I'm a little stunned by "the lizard said, humans are young people. Humans have not really found their place in the world yet" - this may not be your interpretation, but to me the lizard is saying here that we have not finished evolving yet - which is what my current post is about. You write so poetically - from your land behind the rainbow.