Picture: Jon Sullivan (PD-PDphoto.org]

A small ladybug flew high into the sky. Flying was fun. He flew so high that he could no longer recognize the Earth, because he was a bit shortsighted.

'The world is blue, full of air and empty and I love to fly, in all this vastness of nothing , thought the ladybug.

The Ladybird met an eagle and for a while he flew with him, but the eagle did not notice him, because the eagle was farsighted.

Finally, the ladybug became tired and thirsty and he fall back to Earth. He looked around, hungry, he sat on a beautiful green plant and on this shaking leaf he a ate a few aphids. When he was full, he looked around and said, "The world is green, fragrant and shaking. The world is so wonderful, because it changes permanently."

Thus the ladybug lived his wonderful life, but then he felt that his life's end was near. He felt that he ought to pronounces a quintessence of life.

"Hmm," he said, "Sometimes the world is an empty desert sky, in which nobody sees you, then it is like a neverending greenfly-buffet. Now that I must die, it seems to me as if the world had been merely a colorful distraction. "

He sighed.

"Now I must die and I do not know why I should have lived."


Mortality is not experienced, while we live. If we want to know why we live, we need to understand why we are mortal.


Anonymous said...

How true, in the same way that we could only appreciate fully what we have when we lost them, or that we can only see how green the grass is at the other side of the fence when we are in the other side.

I guess life is like that too.
Thanks for sharing.

iceah said...

so nice i love ladybugs c: it's because maybe of it's design and color plus the fact that it's a gentle creature c:

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, smart thought. Only if we loose something, we really apreciate it. We will have to do better when dealing with our loved ones... Thank you for sharing your thoughts and happy blogging

Dear iceah, welcom on my blog and yes, ladybugs look great, looking at them is fun. Thank you and Happy blogging

Anonymous said...

beautiful insect

Anonymous said...

Wow Ray... there are some profoundly wise meanings here... you are a master of words and intentions. Thank you as always...

By the way I read "The abyss" first and thought upon your ladybug... do you know they are a symbol of luck?