Human Rights

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Human rights are not self-evident and we should from time to time remind ourselves that there are people who do not have as many rights in daily life, as we in the so-called West.

But even if we are still better off than people under dictatorships, even our rights are threatened by restrictions, which are allegedly needed in the fight against terrorism. We take from women with babies milk bottles in the aircraft's away, and how many aircraft were actually blown up with baby milk? None.

We all need to be vigilant every day that the human rights remain unrestricted and request from our leaders to demand human rights of other countries.

Human rights are an achievement of the bourgeois revolution which brought us the principle of the equality of all citizens with voting rights and today we have arrived at the equality of all people, regardless of skin color, religion, and culture.

That people are the same, we experience in meditation when we learn that each of us carry a divine spark in itself. The equality of people can also be found in many esoteric system and religions. For us the violation of human rights is like a dark cloud over a shining country which sets sadness in the hearts of people. If we all do a little to demand human rights, we will help to change the world - in the right direction.

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Mark said...

This is an important reminder that we must take care of the family of man and that all must be extended the dignity and rights which are our birth right. For we are all parts of the whole and we eminate from source.