When the snow is falling and it's cold around us, this is the time to look inside for the warmth of the snow. Who finds annd feels the warmth will live in every season within reach of his hottest dreams.


The Coin Has Fallen Into The Bucket

In your glow

The gold rushes

Flashes of lightning play dreamily

On the edge of your eternity

Your love soaks the light

Nurturing and kind

Obliviously you pace

Through black poisoned fog

Without a sound  the evil retreats


They dream

We are not the only music lovers on this planet. Folks are singing, birds are singing, whales are singing. And anyway, whales are mysterious creatures. Already for thousands of years have they havbeen maintainine g a culture technique that we humans as a matter of fact have refined for only some years in the cinemas.

We sit in the cinema, enjoy the movie and maybe we eat ice cream or popcorn, and feel comfortable. The orca whales sing, and they too eat  snacks, while they sing when they feel like it. Because they have learned to imitate the singing of sea lions. The sea lion, pleased with the wonderful full voices of the Orca swims to them, which in turn the orca awards the interest of the sea lions with a little snack.

And now at Christmas, therse orca whales probably sing a lot ... Praise the Lord sea lion, as he likes it (could eat it up).


Great Things Will Happen

A dreamer is some sort of energy that can not decide whether it wants to move or stay. Whenever you dream, your energy glides into along like the big hovercrafts. And if you do not have a drive, then the wind of intention blows you away. And you will enjoy only a beautiful, colorful dream while having perhaps the impression of doing something powerful.

The difference between dreams and dreaming is the intention. Focus your intention on dreaming and try to achieve all what you always wanted to achieve - and remember that there is no difference between dreams and waking ......


Once upon a time, there was a dragon, very small

There was once a small dragon. Very small. Who lived not too long a time ago. All too long ago. When he reached puberty,  his inner life darkened. Powerful steam and gas were built inside his belly and in his mind and he noticed the Call of the great red dragon.

"Put fire to  the world. Burn, world ..."

During his lifetime the red dragon was very feared. Whenever he had been in a bad mood, then surely a forest would catch fire or a church, or a few peaceful people would find themselves ablaze. People believed he was the source of even a volcano, into which he, according to legend, should have fallen into. Called large red spouter near Drachenwurzhausen.

The little dragon, very small, did not only feel the call of the great red dragon. He also felt the presence of light. A light that was able to stop any fire, that would spread inside him and began nourishing his needs, had turned his hard dragon skin in a gentle, skin-breathing dragon skin.

He was torn between the light and the call of the red dragon. Sometimes black smoke
rose from  his nose and he suffered terrible abdominal pain and his skin was stretched terribly all over his body and he imagined many young dragon girls rope skipping. In particular, the idea that around the dragon girls tails were tied colorful ribbons, how the dragon girls casually lifted the tails in the air singing and skipping the rope, let his inner glow, and drove him the steam from every orifice.

But then he opted for the light. His beautiful soft skin was always sought for very much all his life. He led a rich and eventful life and his only fear  would never come true, that  one of his adorable dragon ladies might put him because of his fragile skin in a pot in order to eat him. They were always nice to him and admired his delicate complexion, very delicate. And he remained small until the end of his life, very small. (There were rumors that he had sometimes worn young dragon ladies ribbons around his tender tail but this is certainly a lie ...)


Ship of Fools

Some one who is alive and longs for death, he is like a machine that will not run even though it can run.

Some one who is hungry even though he has enough to eat, he like an ill man who can not eat.

Some one who is happy, although he has no reason to, he is  like a senseless run-out model in this reasonable time.

There is always some perspective, were we seem to wear the fools cap. Therefore we can give up taking ourselves seriously. Wouldn't it be nice to choose consciously the fool's role and living that role with full dedication to the public?


Passeport s'il vous plâit

In Afghanistan, there are policemen who can not read or write. Because they lack these skills, they let all persons pass who show any document resembling an identity card.

We have an inner checkpoint too, we can decide whether we are open for contacts or not. We should train our inner guard or it can happen that we allow anyone to mingle in our affairs, holding up false papers that we can not read such as:

Preacher id-card, an expert on the life after death

id-card, universal representation of facts

id-card, an expert on the right path

id-card, justice producer

id-card, an expert on men's happiness

id-card, expert for women's happiness

If we are vigilant and learn the language of our heart, our vigilance will not let pass false experts into our inner realms ....

And maybe, education may prove a stronger weapon for peace in Afghanistan than any well-meant bullet.