When the snow is falling and it's cold around us, this is the time to look inside for the warmth of the snow. Who finds annd feels the warmth will live in every season within reach of his hottest dreams.


Mark said...

I love this. Our internal warmth provides us a perpetual Tahiti no matter what the external environment may bring.

Gabaretha said...

Sitting here within mountains of snow, lighting my inner sun to keep my world warm and bright.
Thanks for reminding me!
Love & light,

Hazel said...

Thank you for your thoughts. I love to see images of snow, every season has a beauty. And though I like to see the snow (better from indoors) my favourite scene in winter is the glow of the setting sun on the silver birches.

Tomas said...

You are so right. Even while reading your post, I experienced the wonderful warmth. Thank you for the words of true wisdom.
If one would dare to neglect the inner world, any conditions he face would inescapably freeze him, and it's so otherwise.
I would say, the Esoteric Journey unlocked the secret of the fine arts. Thus I am reading your verses as if the best overview of my own pictures.
Thanks once again.

Merging Point said...

"Look within" -- so true!
let the seasons change, am not worried as long as am with the changeless within.
Beautiful imagery to go with the insight!

TOMAS said...

Thank you for the words of great wisdom. You say, as we look inside for the warmth of the snow, we escape the cold. Great! Is it not the recognition of oneself in other?

Study in UK said...

You have some interesting thoughts! Perhaps we should contemplate about attempting this myself.

tarot y videncia said...

this is absolutly the truth, im agree with you.

Thanks for your blog

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Unknown said...

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