Setting the sail of attention v

"Why could it be wrong to be happy?"

The man of action smiles.

"What if the happiness of the people, as the people now understand it were the tyrant of the earth. A species born by earth, kills her children trying to swallow more in a shorter time. Your own happiness is an illusion. Just imagine, the word would not exist, what would you miss? How would you call it when you feel happy? "


"Yes, that's true. We humans have the ability to reach well-being, if we are all in line with what surrounds us. If the word man does not exist. What would you be missing?"

"Now there are people physically, I would not have for these a special word."

"Yes, that would be so. Happiness is an inner state of well-being and for the earth devourer this state can only exist if they eat up more from the earth every year. I want more for me. This is the personal happiness, included in the life plan of the Western people, identified as the career success and the growth of their own possessions. This kind of happiness search, holds your attention sail on the ground. The dragon of attention can not ascend. It is therefore important that you review your understanding of happiness. Do you want wealth without limits, be a worm, which creeps into the earth and earth and feeds as much as he can get. But when you are a man of knowledge, then go and set your sail of attention and experience the spherical luck. "

"But finally the man of knowledge will land and must eat again."

"Yes, that's true. It's just about the accumulation for the accumulation's sake. A man of knowledge may participate in life, drive a car, love women, he may live in beautiful homes and more. But not because of possession, but because of the experience. Feel me. "

An intense curiosity for experience floods my solar plexus.

"This is the good fortune and wealth that you should collect this earth."

"OK, but what is this ominously sail of attention?"

His eyes light up. I will tell you .....

Dear reader, come back again tomorrow to the setting of the sail of attention VI

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