Drama and Tragedy for Princes and Kings only?

The knowledge of the equality of all people which can be acquired through meditation is no general experience.

Thus, in the past in literature and rhetoric the tragedy and pathos had been reserved for the princes and kings. The people lived in feudal division which found their expression in the arts. The bourgeois revolution took the privilege of the kings of tragedy and settled tragedy on earth among the citizens. The German poet Lessing marked with his bourgeois tragedy 'Miss Sarah Sampson' a turning point in that development....

We all learn and slowly more and more what equality means. The bourgeois revolution in Germany (1848) brought rights and freedoms only to better earning citizens.... The right to vote was not for all ... Some time elapsed until all the men got it in Germany (1871) and later on the women too (1919 -1939, 1949 -....).

But we are far from being at the end of the journey. True equality still will have to overcome many common viewpoints before we perceive each human being just as human as you and me ....


Jena Isle said...

You're right Ray, we still have a long way to go to achieve equality. Like not being discriminated on as a writer, just because English is your second language. English speaking countries should try to help people who want to learn or master their language. Even with age, do we discriminate because of age? This should not a barrier in life. For age is of the mind and not the years.
Cheers and God bless.

Robin said...

Hi Ray - there's certainly a long way to go in the equality stakes! I guess that as people get in touch with their own inner connection to Source, the need to think they are better or worse than other people will drop away. All the best, Ray!

Lucy Lopez said...

I just love the two themes you've picked up in this post:
1)The reservation of scholastic/intellectual discourse for the privileged few i.e. royalty, wealthy and I believe the religious and deity (pantheon of gods)
2)The inequity that this sprung from and perpetuated.

In this regard, I am so grateful for the internet and pcs because I believe it is slowly narrowing the gap wrt to access to information.

BTW Your posts and your use of English as a second language just prove to me how so MUCH can be said with so little! I applaud you!

Mark said...

Yes in may ways we are on the right track, however as you stated we still have a long way to go.

Dolly's Diary said...

Hi Ray,
You are so right there is a long way to go for equal rights.
Janet :)