Turmoil of the heart

Searching for tranquility,
I walk to the lake.

The water curls,
Waves, splashing
On the beach. I fall without

Thoughts in the invisible
sea of peace meanwhile
The surface calms down
and silence touches my skin.

Peace flows from every pore.


Anonymous said...

Poetry reminds humans that less is more. The number of words you use has little to do with the emotion you evoke or the impact you leave. Its all about your hidden intention.

Jena Isle said...

Awesome poem! I like these type of poems. Mysterious and profound... It speaks of the haunting emotion of the poet.

Thanks for sharing.

Enreal said...

I fall down on my knees
on the shore of this lake,
this lake of tranquility...
I have found my home...
yet the water reaches not my fingers
as I reach to feel...
it eludes my touch
when will I feel?
when will the peace flow?

Am I ready to submerge?
To drown in the peace

Thank You for this magnificent poem... absolutely beautiful... I envisioned myself there... what a beautiful and poignant vision... made me think on myself...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, I hope the hidden intention is interesting. Very good analysis. Thank you.

Dera jena, thank you for leaving this nice comment. Blessings

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal,

thank you for this wonderful poem you left here. .
'yet the water reaches not my fingers
as I reach to feel...'


Anonymous said...

I liked this one very much. The great sea of silence.