They dream

We are not the only music lovers on this planet. Folks are singing, birds are singing, whales are singing. And anyway, whales are mysterious creatures. Already for thousands of years have they havbeen maintainine g a culture technique that we humans as a matter of fact have refined for only some years in the cinemas.

We sit in the cinema, enjoy the movie and maybe we eat ice cream or popcorn, and feel comfortable. The orca whales sing, and they too eat  snacks, while they sing when they feel like it. Because they have learned to imitate the singing of sea lions. The sea lion, pleased with the wonderful full voices of the Orca swims to them, which in turn the orca awards the interest of the sea lions with a little snack.

And now at Christmas, therse orca whales probably sing a lot ... Praise the Lord sea lion, as he likes it (could eat it up).