Is the way the goal? Your opinion is asked for.

The way is the goal. Why such a title for this post?

Now - the number of hits googles offers if you were searching for 'the way is the goal' (171.000.000), indicates that many people use the formulation. But for me “the way is the Ziel” has a special meaning.

Let me undertake some thought experiment. From today on, I would have become 100 years older. There would be no me any longer according to the laws of mother nature. Dead, gone off to the ancestors. The sum of a life is achieved. Successes after death are spectacular - if it is noticed -, but i would not count on it. No, in 100 years from now on humans are interested in two things. Things I left behind and could I possibly mean to them.

George would like to inherit or enjoy things, which pleased me. In the very moment, even I probably do that, others probably do it, the use things which belonged to a deceased.

But what can I mean to human beings, if there is no me any longer? I can mean something to people beyond death in giving suggestions how a life can be led meaningfully. I can leave inspirations, how i used to manage things.

We all do things, which others found out before us and which are still valid. So fast my human life escapes, but the sum of my experiences is valuable and the sum of its experiences is my way.

We take for example a prescription for waffles.

One takes 500 g flour, 250 g butter, vanillin sugar, 250g sugar, lemon flavour, 4 eggs, some baking powder and as much milk that if everything is mixed, a paste suitable for the waffle-iron is prepared.

The recipe may be unhealthy according to modern cooking rules, but taste is guaranteed. The baker, who went to the waffle-way first, are gone for a long time, but their way remained with us, because the human building plan kept unchanged for many centuries and thousands of years.

I produce my waffle today a little differently, with less butter and sugar. Perhaps, I take instead honey and olive oil into the paste, but I follow nevertheless a way, which another humans went before.

And in such a way the ways change in the run of time. Only the ways, which adress human nature and motivate human beings at all times, persists.

I maintain this: Principally there are four ways, people follow during their course of life. All differences in detail between these four ways are owed to the human types. See the posts with who is…?

The four ways are:

  • Provide a map of the world.
  • Love your picture in the world
  • Experience your drama
  • Encounter your death

How is your opinion to it?

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