Mental Fitness, the training distance

If we are ill and lucky to live in a rich country of the earth, we go to the physician, who looks for the physical cause.

The health does not only depend on physical circumstances. Also the psyche of humans has influence on whether we stay healthy or become ill. Therefore it is worth while not only to train the body, you should do Fitness training for the spirit too. This will support your health mentally.

How does my mental trainings distance looks like? That is a place where I will not be disturbed by nothing and nobody for the duration of the training. My wife knows that I practice. I close the door behind me. No television and no radio is plugged in. I sit down into a comfortable seat or - in my agile moments i sit down on a blanket.

I look in the direction that my body pleases best. I tried out, in which direction do I feel at ease and I checked out for myself where is the place in the room on which I feel particularly well.

Usually I start with two minutes of pendulum breath. Then I am ready for my exercises. The free associativity I trained already years ago, which is in additions a basic element of the mental training-distance.

Now I can e.g. make an exercise like the stabilization of the love, which I will explain to you next time.

For all exercises one rule is always valid, never compel, no force and no ambition. The spirit finds its control without obligation, do not resist pictures and thoughts. End the training consciously. From each exercise come back again to the starting point, back to the start of the training distance. This belongs to the discipline of the sport.

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