Meditation Basics: free associativity

A further indispensable aid for meditation is the free associativity. The free associativity is simple. To a word I hear or read, I say or think of everything which crosses my mind. The spirit enters into a condition of flow, into a very creative condition.

When I trained free associativity for the first time, I became uneasy, because thoughts came into my mind, which seemed to me evil or bad. One rule is always valid when I exercise. Don't compel yourself. I let my thoughts and conceptions flow freely and try not to be frightened of the contents or censor my thoughts. If I do not resist the thoughts, then they keep running and will not pursue me any longer.

Without a flowing free associativity much of the addressed exercises will not work for collecting love, life energy and personal freedom. My recommendation to those, who are not trained: practice in your pace.

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