Meditation Basics: Pendulum breath

The pendulum breath is a very important breathe technique with various areas of application. The respiration consists of inhalation and breathing out of equal length. Slowly the duration of the respiration is expanded evenly. In order to control the length of respiration I count, thus e.g. I count to 5 with the inhalation, then I count to 5 when breathing out. I extend the length of the breathing gradually. As a result, a peaceful feeling spreads inside, important for the preparation of meditation.

For all exercises one principle is always valid. Never compel yourself! The respiration may not be expanded by force or out of ambition. Well-being is the name of the guide I follow.

The pendulum breath calms me down. Connected with a thought of command, he helps to overcome indisposition or pain. If my dentist drills a tooth, then I change consciously to the pendulum breath. I imagine that the breath flows through the treated tooth. I think, “there is no pain.” It always helps me.

So try it! The pendulum breath is however no universal remedy. Although the spirit is able to defeat the pain, I visit a physician, if unusual pain occurs, which linger on.

Who had already positive experiences with pendulum breath?

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