II. Sex is dangerously, from an esoterical point of view?

In this blog occasionally the topic life energy will be treated. I use the experiences of over thirty years of meditation.

The man of action says, “We would have heard of it, if Sex were dangerous. Then it would be well-known for centuries.”

The scholar adds, “but he means, do people loose energy, if they engage in a sexual relationship.”

“Why should that probably be? ”, the man of action asks. “I mean, you could examine people before having sex and afterwards. What would be the expected results?”

The student, “people would have a hole in the aura?”

Both men laugh roaring up. “A hole in the aura, you are joking. Imagine how an aura is built. It consists of energy threads. These threads cannot stop in between then keep on running. Either the threads are there or not. “ The scholar waves denyingly.

“However in some books it is written of holes which will develop in your aura, of energy loss? ”, the student asks unimpressed of the laughter. “Why then is it told and how could you explain to others, that no energy loss takes place?”

The man of action shrugs. “I don't know, I would like to point out another criterion. If people have the feeling to experience too few or too much Sex then they feel uneasy. Their attention is drawn again and again to the topic. It requires time, which can perhaps be better spent than to think about the frequency of sexual intercourse in general or especially related to yourself. In most cases you will find another reason for the behaviour of men. They derive their value as a man of the frequency they encounter women. If I can show off many adventures, then I am a special man - otherwise i maybe a looser. “

“I agree with my worthy previous speaker ", the scholar says, “and I can support his remarks with some theory. If you want to meditate, if you learn to bundle internally your energy, to focus energy on certain intentions, then a picture of yourself in which you fail is not helpful. Le us assume, you would like to become a successful stage designer and train eagerly for this goal. You focus your intention on this goal and support it with meditative pictures. After you direct thus your energy toward the goal, you become sad in your daily life, because of the sad state of your love-affairs. This sad feeling is generated by an low self-image of yourself, an image of you being powerless in life. “

The sun woman says, “and that is the point, when men go bug us women. They come, want attention and love, but I feel uneasiness the entire time. That does not have anything to do with me, I am in a blue funk, which sticks to me and I ask myself, where does it come from? “

The moon woman nods confirmingly. “As a woman, you would not like to take blue funk feeling of the men in exchange for love. What do I gain? He gets the feeling that he is able to defeat the world and i however feel down ? “

Sun woman nods. “No woman would want it.”

The scholar amends, “thus, the conviction is independent, a man must have success with women, of their moods…”

The sun woman protests, “well-being - not moods - well-being!”

The scholar nods, “ arr, independently of the well-being of the women, an mistake. You can be successfully with women fail in your profession and in reverse. Sex is no link, these are two different things. “

The moon woman adds, “we women choose the men, all the same what men might believe themselves. If we choose our partner, then he can imagine, he would have enticed us, but that is fancy. “

“Success comes only, if you don't force things ", the man of the action maintains. “Success consists of recognizing, where things become possible, where opportunities arise and to seize them. That is success. “

The scholar concludes. “Perhaps thus you create yourself possibilities, which you do not seize then, because you are to busy thinking of the stat of your love affairs. “

The man of action continues, “or you run against the wall, because you think - I defeat the world, I just had Sex. To have sex is one thing, to have an opportunity for goals you gave yourself in life, is a completely separate thing. “

The moon woman draws also her conclusion. “Thus men lose much energy if the are occupied with women in order to feel themselves as real men.”

“And then mistaking spending time us women with counting the numbers of sex adventures.”

The moon woman yawns, “that are very simple structures .”
“Those to check out every now and then prove to be difficult", adds the scholar.

“However back to your question”, the man of action says. “How could you recognize, if one is weakened by Sex? Now that is simple. “

“You need a calm moment, undisturbed of everything. Then imagine, you carry a heavy load, not to big so you can carry her for a long time. This picture represents your energy level. “

“Then recall your last intimate moment and continue to carry the load in your conception. If you have to carry more weight after your love encounter, then you lost energy. If the weight hot easier, you won energy. Does the load feel the same nothing changed. Your energy balance is the same. That is so simple. “

The scholar, south woman and the moon woman nods. “We all made this exercise already.”

“And? ”, the student asks.

“You do not lose energy, there is no effect.”

“And why then some people maintain it?”

“ That is the question about the motivation of these people”, says the scholar

to be continued.

What is your opinion. Why do some people state that physical love makes you weak?

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