Herd Instinct - Klabusterbeerchen

Es gibt eine Zeit im Leben, da ist es ein bombensicherer Erfolg im Leben, wenn man dem Motto folgt, There is a time in life, when it is a foolproof recipe for success in life, if you follow the motto, vandalism, rebellion and undressing say naked flesh.

This is only understandable. How many reproaches do small children shoulder every day. Do this, do that!

Everyone knows it better and it seems to stop never. Who watches young children form time to time, will wonder where these small worms get the force to tackle this micro management? An adult would not - would he?

Thank God we have the herd instinct, which certainly helps us to feel safe and comfortable when it is time for rebellion, vandalism and undressing.

Please, don't think about it, otherwise the evil end is at hand. A sudden awakening with my own opinions and responsibilities.

What do you mean? Why does growing up takes longer and longer in Germany, or do you still live at your parents?

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