The interaction of infinity Part 1

Esoteric is no secret. Esoteric is only a secret in case you consciously removed it from your daily life. Anyone can use the abilities of his body and his perception to his benefit. Always, everywhere, me or others.

Each tree grows differently and develops a distinguishable look. All trees have in common that they grow in the direction of the light and orient themselves of gravity. Light and gravity play an important role in the type of growth, in the shaping of the tree. Like a tree grows, so grow the spiritual forces of a man in the course of his life. These spiritual forces must align themselves and what sun and light means to a tree, so love and the power of infinity are responsible for the alignment of the spiritual forces of human beings. Both of it do we need to get build up mental forces.

For the humans reason the infinity is difficult to grasp. The speed of light (300,000 km / sec) is the physical limit for the spread of information and nobody could during his lifetime travel to the end of the universe. He would have died long before he reached the only end of our galaxy.

So, we are surrounded by the vastness and can not be with her in touch? Not quite. For we may find the infinite in ourselves, can feel infinity.

I prepare myself to a meditation exercise.

I imagine that I would be a star. What do I see?

A bright warm light source, which is surrounded by a lot of blackness. The light streams off to infinity. The idea to be a star, is only a start exercise to feel as an energy ball. I imagine myself as a star. The interior surface is mirrored. In this inner mirror images and feelings can arise like a living picture.

If we imagine ourselves as an energy sphere, then the infinity within us is the feeling of the energy balls inner surface. I look at the inner surface of my energy field and search the starry sky, then at the very moment where the starry sky appears before the inner eye, within your interior another ball of light occurs.

This light is our awareness, we can observe as long as we live. If we observe the star in the interior, then we can see the light flow to the infinite. If we focus our feeling on the starry sky shining at the interior surface of the energy ball, we feel our connection with the infinite.

As we perceive this picture, we combine our awareness and the workings of infinity. We are in contact with all times and all places. Our spiritual forces grow and set off.

The duration of the exercise is irrelevant. The sensing the actions of the infinite, we take part in, regardless of the duration. The exercise will be ended by our image of the inner surface of our energy sphere and we return back to daily life.

I feel calm and secure in the sea of infinity.

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