My mood changed, angry and grumpy I walk through the area and there would be no one to whom I really want talk. When I consider to whom I know such a behavior comes closest, it is my father. He is also increasingly grumpy, constantly angry, and never satisfied unless you take no notice of him.

As I walk Sylvia crosses the way. Specifically, I try to void her because she always has so much to tell. And with a lot I mean a lot and one thing more. "Sylvia bye", I think and go on tiptoe out of her way.

"Hi, Ray. What is it with you, angry? But it is not about me?", She asks curiously.

I shake my head and walk on. No time for a conversation I think.

From one moment to another she stands in my way. "Stop." She closes her eyes and places her hand on my stomach area. I relax me immediately. Joy spreads in my stomach pit and slowly the grumpy mood retreats. I am perplexed. My mood swinging 180 degrees round through hands on?

"What have you done?"

She shows me with a finger on the mouth to be silent. Then she slaps the front of my shoulder.
"You had a bad mood and do not even know how you will get rid of it poor bunny?"

I am annoyed again. This is an endless stay in a country of clever dicks and smart alecks, and the only one who does not understand himself and to whom this fact seems quite normal that's me.

'It is normal not to understand. There is a right to a lead a thoughtless life ', I think. I want to scream it out aloud. '' Right not to be thinking is a human right. "

She tilts her head a little forward, as one would do addressing a wounded deer. "It is quite simple, does not hurt you and you need understand yourself only a little," she makes a gesture with the fingers, "just a little."

"Sh .. what have you done?"

"Bad temper hooks are always in the stomach area. There was a picture of you with bad temper, this picture in the pit of the stomach influences the feelings and quick - you have bad mood. I sensed for your picture, took it from you and replaced it with a beaming Ray in the solar plexus. Besides you would be able to do so too. "

I know I am not obligated to oppose, but I feel like. I incline my head forward and talk with Sylvia as if she were a small budgie. I purse my lips and that is important to me - somehow. "Then I do not know why I had a bad temper, but we must think to understand it-." Almost, I would have said man, then I breathe on "women".

"As if the mind had something to do with feelings you Dummy." She turns around and goes off. "Have fun, the next time just do it."

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