In The Evening

If the working hours with all the speeches are done, it seems to me sometimes as if the talks still take effect in my mind. Silent, without a sound and impressions are still floating through me . Like in a crash test they run til they meet resistance - remnants of the work.

Some of the employees are convinced that a matter-of-fact attitude is a recipe for success. Beware of developing feelings that could come in the way of my work. But where from are the right ideas coming? Should they not be born from the right mood? Are human feelings not important when we have a world of work for people?

There are some emotional traditions in the world of work. Hanseatic diligence! Prussian virtue! The joy of honest craft. The path of the heart for those who love the chosen profession. Therefore they are not going to work, but they are going to love.

I do not believe that people can turn off their feelings. Everybody has feelings at any moment. If I maintain to be unemotional at work, then I probably learned to hide from me or from other people my feelings. I have become inaccessible. I do not remember what feeling motivated me to work, I compute.

Some people lose their jobs even if the company makes profit. The profit could be increased by firing a few employees. What feelings are behind such decisions?
We pay at the gas stations exorbitant prices, because the State will increase the taxes automatically even if speculators are driving up the price of oil. What feelings are behind it?

Is it not the joy of accumulating, no matter what it means for those affected?

Perhaps unemotional people should be honest with themselves and their feelings. We would not elect them and would not follow them if it were greedy feelings driving their computations. Perhaps it is precisely the impression of my encounters with unemotional people who will run for a while through my mind, because they will stop nowhere, until they can find something that they want to take home.


Smita said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my site. So most of your blogs are in German and even your English one has some German in the labels below the posts -- you may want to make them English, for we can't read them. Like this one said Kommentar -- it will increase the number of people visiting by far. I like the layout with white background. What do you do in Germany? Also the word loser has one
'o' for one of your posts below.

A.V.C. said...

I think I see what you are after, but I would like to think that the true driving force lies deeper than the feelings.

Feelings can be deceitful, to my experience.

But there is something deeper that we can make contact with. Something that could perhaps be described as the experience of bringing the True Will into consciousness.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hi smita. I really appreciate your feedback and so I changed the language settings and corrected looser to loser. Thank you very much indeed.

In Germany I lead a normal life, working 8 hours a day in an IT-Company and I am curious, which wonders the spirit and the soul of a human being offers.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. Thank you for your hint at the will.

I know that you enhance your knowledge in this direction and so I am open to learning from you.
Tank you for visiting and commenting.