One reason for being honest - Love

Why at some point the drama or the lie came to the people? Perhaps dozens of responses come to my mind. All answers have in common that there would be a motif of a subjective advantage now, lying in the deception of others. This would advantage would turn into a disadvantage later,because sooner or later every lie will be exposed and the trust in the relationship with the deceived will be massively disrupted.

In love to be sincere, is a matter of everyday actions. If I want my love to be intense, fresh and natural, then I let my feelings flow without disguising me and without the feeling of lying. And more importantly, the body speaks constantly and shows true feelings because he is unable to lie.
Those who do other people a favour, while bearing in the heart anger, sadness, or refusal to give, are doing other people no real favours. He dilutes and mixes his feelings, he irritates his subconscious, he disappoints the feelings and expectations of his friends. Between the language of his body and his speech there is a gap.

For me it's no problem if someone doesn't like me or do not want to be nice. I rest in myself. There are this feelings to which the other one has the right. These feelings may help in his World to show his limits when the other one sees a reason to do so.

Love finds love, love sees love, love generates love.

Who can love will not be permanently alone or remain alone. Who deceives others about his true feelings will in the end be left alone.


A.V.C. said...

Dear rainer,
Good point! Only when one is being honest, one is able to have Love correlate with Will. In fact, the only way of experiencing either - in their true aspect.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. honestly willing to love, that is a fine thing!

Enreal said...

The insights here are profound. I do not now why people lie... why there is drama. I do know that the words you speak are true. All intentions shall surface, the good and the bad. One day all will shine and all will be revealed. Until that day, I chose to live my life honestly.

People say "karma" half seriously... I feel karma... I believe in intentions... in the end we have to call on ourselves to account for all... I am ready... but who knows what my future shall bring... I hope to be strong

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe from what you say, that you are strong enough for any future.