Life form?

They sat down around the fire and warmed their hands. "Ray?", asked one of them. "Have you ever heard how the fire came to the people?"

I shook my head and relaxed. Now he would tell a story.

"Well, then listen carefully ." He coughed and started shortly.

"When man arrived on Earth, he lacked everything. The food, the tools and knowledge. He was naked, exposed to the elements and he had to protect his little life against disease and wild animals. Since he owned nothing he always walked around. On the way he ate what he found and if the food was exhausted, he moved on.

Because he actually walked everywhere, he drew the curiosity of the fire on himself. The fire observed this funny people and felt drawn to these people. The fire felt that the people and the fire had many common interests and would have more in future, more than any other animal so far the fire had known. Man seemed to have a secret all the time. A mystery inside his soul.

The fire noticed that people began to observe the fire, not only with fear in the soul, but with curiosity and veneration. The fire realized that the people prayed to him that they had a mind that wandered and searched the fire. And, because the fire is curious, greedy and impatient, it attracted people in their dreams drew them in his company.

So many people have spent a long time in a dream with the spirit of the fire until the fire was so much used to his new friends that it allowed them to understand the fire. It taught the people to make fire. The fire was very glad that there was a kind among the creatures who liked to put fire. With these people the fire could hope to obtain the world domination again for the first time since a long time when the planet had been a single fiery ball. And since that time the fire is pushing the people to burn everything possible and look for more and more opportunities to devise more fire and ignite more fire.

Man dominates by the power of the fire, but he has long forgotten that the fire has a spirit and the fire has a goal, the create glow ball again it once had experienced in his very paradise time. Just before the snake cast the fire from the Paradise and earth changed into a garden. "

"That's it?" I asked myself.

"Yes, that was it."

"And the moral of the story?"

"The moral of his story is that there is nothing dead on this planet. The water is alive, the earth is alive, the sun is alive, the stones live and to live means to pursue one's own desire and the more parts human beings uses from the planet for themselves, the more use the other living beings make of humans and his if he has forgotten that, then he will have to learn it the hard way. "


"Yes, the balance of elementary power was the result of a millennia long struggle. This struggle could begin again, and then there are in any case no more people to make the rules."


"Let it be, it hasn't happened so far. Just watch and respect all forms of life."


Enreal said...

Great Story!! The moral o the story is one which we have known... just fail to remember...

Great lesson as always...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal thank you for your friendly words. Blessings ;-)