Setting the sail of attention IV

"Many questions at once Ray. Some words on the old seers. They got the order of the enlightened people from the future to support the natural development of the unconscious men of knowledge. They showed the viewers that the spiritual darkness was inevitable, because the darkness is a byproduct of the development of mankind. The people would be the slave of science, but before science, they would become slaves of the power, when they overthrow the old gods. "

"So the old seer concentrated on the the preservation of knowledge. They decided, as far as possible to disperse. Each seer took his group and lead them away. They knew that someday the reason for the Dispersal would no longer be recalled and agreed that they had to walk as far apart as possible. On the hike they devised new ways to support the unconscious men of knowledge. "

"Later on, the people overthrew the old gods, they were no longer part of a whole, they now wanted to be designer and owner of the soil and made a possession out of earth, they made themselves property being a part the earth. The age of darkness came with war and bloodshed and darkness pushed the warmth out of the hearts of the people of power. Since that time the number of unconscious men of knowledge grows and the proportion of women among them is far greater than that of men, because men are less capable of getting rid of their energy exhausting habits. "

"And now to the question of how the unconscious men of knowledge can be recognized. Review their umbilical area. Unconscious men of knowledge have a knowing navel. These people are driven from their belly and their belly knows what he is doing. Thees bellies have preserved the knowledge of the old gods and lead their people safely through the darkness. If you look at their heads, then you will see that the head is in complete ignorance of his navel lives. If you meet such a man, then help him to collect energy. He needs energy to train more unconscious men of knowledge. He needs it to prepare the conflagration. OK? "

"I will convince me, 'I said. "How is that now with the setting the sail of attention."

"Ray one moment, it isn't that simple. We still need to remove another mistake."


"The belief in one's own luck."

Dear reader, come back again tomorrow to setting of the sail of attention V

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Robin said...

Hi Ray - the solar plexus again :=)

In Starseed or Vision (Ken Carey), it says our slow progress has been like the ripening of fruit - if it had been too fast, the skin would split.

A lovely story - Robin