Setting the sail of attention III

Ray: "Well, I admit. I haven't seen it yet from that point of view.
But what secret do the people have around us, please do not make it so exciting. "

The man of action smiles knowingly. "My body knows that there are around me a lot of sleeping humans of knowledge. Hundreds of thousands of people bear in their bodies the knowledge and experience of millennium with them. I feel it and feel it with every breath I draw. But the knowledge is of no use for them, because they have no language for it. The poets have thousands of years wrestled with the language to trigger the conflagration predicted thousands of years ago. "

"An conflagration, a prophecy - spectacular. And I do not know whether I believe all this."

"You do not have to believe it. Believe me, that the faith is overestimated. I think out of doing me a favour please do not believe in anything, but you should always convince yourself first. Conviction puts you in the situation to take responsibility for your knowledge. " He knocks on the dragon.

"If we set your sail of attention today jointly, then you will know, then you do not need to ask whether it is true or not."

"But back to the old prophecy. Thousands of years ago the people were more familiar with their forces inside than today. Thee people asked for the meaning of life. Will we continue a lifetime of walking on earth, will we even thousands of years to come do so. The people were restless and demanded answers. Thus the best of them began, the seer to extend their skills for looking in the future. The question of the future employed them for about three centuries, during which the Seer expanded their sight from millennium to millennium. They saw the Patriarchate, saw the war, were shocked and they were far beyond our present time too. "

"They saw the area fire. After a long-lasting millennium of spiritual darkness the knowledge came back to the people in everyday life. In hundreds of thousands the knowledge awakened in a short time and they know about each other. They start leading humanity from the darkness and create the new form of living in harmony with the life forms. The old seers saw that man suppressed the knowledge that nevertheless it continued to accumulate and will wake up one day and so today there is the contradictory situation that we face Saints who are not aware of their knowledge. "

"These people give their knowledge to others, again without being aware of it and without allowing the receiving to get aware of it. However, this spreading is limited. Someone who wants to pass on his knowledge needs energy and energy is not available unlimited in our spiritually dark millennium. Thus the spreading from the knowledge takes place slowly and we are still far away from the conflagration. "

"How convenient?" I say ironically.

He nods, "remain skeptical, I was too, so you must not think of yourself as being witted. Being witted would be to understand this knowledge. The logical consequence is if we meet in everyday life an unconscious man of knowledge we should help these people gathering energy, to support that they will eventually release mankind from the darkness. So you have to learn to recognize them in order to help them. "

He looks at me again, expectantly.

"But how do I recognize the unconscious man of knowledge and who were the old seer and how the story went further back then?"

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Oberon said...

......sometimes.....i talk to strangers.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear oberon, I'll hope, you enjoy talking to strangers. Thank you for commenting.

Guy Vestal said...

Never stop asking questions...

Die Große Vorsitzende said...

... and what does the picture have to do with all of this? I mean, ok, some of the things this guy's been talking about are supposed to have happenend quite a long time ago... but not THAT long, ne?

Jenaisle said...

It is like I'm reading an assigned book in my philosophy class.

You have peruse on the contents and digest it before you can come to a conclusion.

Thanks for sharing.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear große vorsitzende, thank you for sharing this impression. I appreciate it. Well for me it is to my taste. ;-)

Dear jena isle, thank you for visiting and following the little series. It makes me happy to get feedback.