Setting the sail of attention VI

"The sail of attention is a kind of dragon, which is a part of your energy body. This sailing you can let ascend, and it expands your views on the things of life. You have a further perspective, that will help you not to get caught in your everyday feelings. "

Walk upon my soul
Hike to the sky.
See the width of times
See on the pulse of life
See in the flow of power
Just like that

"Come." He stands up and I follow him. We go to a rock from which we can look down into the valley. Even from up here it looks as if my view would fly of the world.

"You could die, if you do what I ask of you."

Now that crap starts again. They always make me nervous with this drivel of death. There is death, here is death. "Is there nothing that we can do without the death."
He shakes his head "Unfortunately not." I am sick and I feel an adamant insistence that my existence on earth will stop. Grief fills me. That is going too fast I think protesting. Then the approaching awareness of death sweeps all the problem of everyday life to the side.

"Very nice Ray and now you will learn to fly."

Dear reader, come back again tomorrow to setting the sail of attention VII. Will Ray really fly or is it all only in his imagination or is the man of action only a wicked rogue?


Jenaisle said...

Will billy Ray fly? a question indeed, I think - he will. I look forward to tomorrow.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jenaisle, kind of you to be such a frequent reader. Thank you .