Setting the sail of attention VII

He looked at me and his eyes seemed to sparkle. Then he lifted the dragon and I felt intensely bad.

"Look what I've got as a cord. This is a special cord Ray."

I looked up to the man of action and had the impression as if the cord sprang from my belly. He pressed it to the dragon and threw the dragon into the abyss. It was as he would have thrown me into the abyss. Than I clang to the flying dragon. I looked back and saw me and the man of action sitting on the rock. Then I flew, and enjoyed the flight. Next to me in front of me and I saw more sails in the sky. Like small fireflies they dazzled in various colors. I was happy.


Jenaisle said...

Dreamy- like. Is this a dream? But enchanting just the same.

rain-bow-bridge said...

… this has been an interesting series, and I have been following it with great interest… however, my feeling is that after having a beautiful experience such as this, even that special cord should be released… eventually, the flight is a state of pure consciousness, and we can let go of any devices, techniques, and other safety attachments, and just be, just be the essence of our being, that is freedom… we all have wings, anyway…

A.V.C. said...


The face of the One we met, made us terrified at first. Everything we had learned, appeared wrong; truth seemed reversed. But once we grew adapted to this "negative" truth, we realized that it was just a choice of perspective.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jenaisle. You got it to the point. It is a recollection of a lucid dream. Thank you for commenting.

dear rain-bow-bridge, your feeling is quite right and I agree on that we all have wings to fly with. Everyone who looks for it, should be encouraged to perform. Thank you.

Dear a.v.c. the perspective is essential. Facing fear at first is replaced by understanding. Thank you.