Afterwards the setting of the sail of attention.

I met the scholar. He looked briefly up from his desk and continued his work. I had com without being invited so I had to wait until he had time for me. Finally, he finished his work. He turned to me and asked, "Well Ray, what is on your mind, maybe the sails of attention?"

I nodded. Somehow I was uneasy with the memory of the man of action.

"Ray is difficult to give definitive answers about what is all about the sail of attention. What is clear now, that you performed a pure exercise of attention. Your attention may move, fly, what ever you want. But we could talk for about the attention and that such things are possible, without actual experience all remains only talk and even if the man of action likes to talk ... "

"What do you mean?", the indignant man of action said entering the room.

The scholars pursed his lips. "Nothing more, no more than that you like yourself hear talking from time to time."

"I see", the man of action waved his hand. I thought, you meant I were loquacious. "He smiled at me.

I smiled back. "As I said," the scholar went on. "A maneuver of attention that includes no real flight of the physical body, but the entry point is found for many more maneuvers, which will be practiced and perfected over the years in order to be for a few years .."

"Or decades," the man of action added and smiled like a little boy.

".. thank you, be forgotten." He looked at me expectantly.

"Why forget it, what should be the benefit?"

The man of action shrugged his shoulder. "Who cares?"

The scholars nodded. "Forgetting is a natural reaction of the body. He forgets about this and makes his preparations. If we have full control over the attention, then we should have mastered in advance to control our daily life. You could remember your skills too early, and your life would be in disorder. "

"You could set the sail on the toilet," the man of action said. "Outside, a queue of people, perhaps someone calls the janitor while you set the sails and explore outer space?"

The scholars looked at the man of action with a special kind of curiosity. It was not clear displeasure, not even surprise, more like a professional curiosity, a kind of disturbance. "Now toilet ... .. hmm probably that will not work. I am thinking more of a time of vocational training, in which the memories tumble and destroy your career plans. The skills must fit in in an orderly life and parts of your consciousness are vigilant about it. Memories will flash up always in the right moment and the circumstances are different for every person but the moment of memory will be perfect in each case. "

"If he waits too long with his memories, then the small Ray will be perhaps dead?", the man of action considered.

The scholars nodded. "If you get in mortal danger - however - the skills will be available immediately."

"How about the old seer? Does this story include truth?"

.... to be continued .....

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