Subsequent entry, old seer

"Don't you believe me? ", the man of action crossed his arms in front of the chest. Then he stood up and ran away sulking.

"Let him go", smiled the scholar. "Well, the old seer." He rubbed the chin. "Let us see. There were the old seer and there was a walking apart of people. We should take the words of the man of action with a pinch of salt because he has to maximize an effect. He must produce a drama that carries the respective people away . I think before we deal with the old seer - and we will do that, long and detailed - you should interpret things in relation to you. "

"Let's look at the story once roughly. There are the old seer. This may be my generation, or the generation of the grandfathers. Look at the spiritual darkness. This could mean that the man of action not necessarily think of you as the brightest bulb. He looks into the future and sees that your spiritual dark phase will end in the future and he thinks of the others who are scattered - widely scattered. It is your story. "

Somehow I am disappointed. I do not know quite why. Perhaps because the story of the man actually was not bad. "Then he lied?"

"No, you can not say that. There is a growing number of unconscious men of knowledge, each element in the story of the man of action has occurred. But if you analyze major stories, then there is a simple scholar rule. The scholar must be crystal clear. But how could he be clear if he doesn't know his personal concern? "

I shrugged my shoulders.

"You see? If you read myths, fairy tales, annual reports, watch news or hear them. Question always, what does it mean in relation to me how would it be if it would be my story. So you learn the story of your concern. You feel, where you sense intense feelings , where your mind is not free. Relive them only, and then let it go. Then you're free to approach the questions you go through, then you can have clear ideas. But before you can face the old seer, you must first face yourself."

"And that is a broad field," I sighed.

He nodded. "Yes, yes. Step by step. But look who has come. She has brought you a story"

Brown hair, a friendly smile. Miriam came in and settled in the chair where the man of action had sat.

I nodded to her.

"My story is the water of life"


Jenaisle said...

Your posts are like glimpses of philosophy...mysterious and thought provoking..( are you in any way a philosopher? (grins) everyone is a philosopher I guess, you are right about knowing one's self first before being able to answer questions about life. I like how you presented it uniquely.

Btw, thanks for the visit to Gewgaw...and for those questions. I forgot that readers from other parts of the globe may not understand quite well the culture and social structure in the mountain provinces. I guess, I will have to include some paragraph explaining these.

But to answer your question; a barrio is a small cluster of community consisting of about 100 to 300 families .( You can call it also a village)and there are many such "barrios " in Kalinga. Each barrio is very particular and defensive of territorial boundaries. "Trespassers" are not welcome and are considered "enemies". Visitors from other barrios are only welcomed when an agreement (peace pact) "bodong" in the native language is undertaken by both tribes (barrios).

When a member of the family is killed, this is avenged as a barrio crime. It is a "your barrio against mine" principle, so any person - be it a woman or child from that particular barrio , is considered fair play.

If you are interested in the whole process. Do visit my Kalinga blog
and you'll learn more, Thanks for the interest and for your insightful comment.I appreciate it a lot.

Drop by anytime you can. Happy blogging.

I look forward to your next adventurous posts.

Mark said...

I love the wisdom and lessons that are found in this story. Thanks for sharing!