The water of life

"Oha, great title," I said.

"The water of life is a gift to the people since the beginning of their being. The water of life can cure any disease, if we find the water in us. Unfortunately, the water is a matter of life from which the people get gradually further removed in her lives because they believe that the physicians can cure all ills. But the belief in medicine - that would be another story. This story of the water of life is an old story of humanity and who may hear or may read it, is perhaps not so far away from finding the water of life himself. "

"Not so long ago the people lived in peace. None had privileges, but the community was everything. Was one member strong, then the community had a strength. Was one member wise, then the community had an intelligent mind. People were different and the challenges of life as well. The people were happy and they all dreamed from time to time, this very dream that whenever they encounter a threat, whenever they were very strained, whenever they had lost someone, then they dreamed of that lake. "

"This lake meant to them the same as father and mother at the same time. As the salmon returns to the lake his birth, so people went back to the lake of their birth, where the ancestors had lived. Everyone who arrived there did something else."

"Who was curious, went in search of clues. Were there still footprints on the lake, left over from the ancestors. Where there any huts? What did they wear and how did they look like?"

"Whenever someone arrived at the lake of the ancestors, he was very awesome and he looked left and right, whether the ancestors would approve of being disturbed. If all remained quiet, then they went to the water and wetted their skin, let the water of life run over their bodies refreshing the soul and strengthened their connection to the ancestors. "

"On other days, however, the spirits of the ancestors ran around the lake. They shook the trees or moved the water and let their children stumble. Then the people retreated from the water of life and that was a good thing, because during few days the water of life was not the water of life, but a concentrated poison that only the ancestors could clean before the people could access to the water of life. "

"Had anyone been to the lake, then he made a celebration. He invited friends and neighbours and told from the water of life and from the lake and the ancestors. The children were included, and so each child learned that there were places with the water of life where the ancestors long ago had lived as the first people on earth. "

"Nobody knew exactly where the ancestors had come from, where this first lake was, that had protected with his wonderful abilities the delicate life of the ancestors. People and water were covenants of life and whatever the people tormented, the water knew a council and a cleaning "

"Everyone knew about the five places at the lake that were allowed to man to enter for specific purposes."

Miriam bent down and looked at me pensive face. "You know the five sites and their meanings?"

...... to be continued ......


Jena Isle said...

Am I correct when I say that your story has a doube meaning? More like a philosophical meaning. But I said this previously already. They leave one "dreaming" and having questions in one's mind. What is the water of life in today's scenario?

Thanks for sharing.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, the water of life today?
Well I would say it is a way of living, a way of an untouched inner harmony that connects the flow of your life with the flow of other lifeforms. It consists of love and warmth and calmness and it honours the life of our ancestors which was far from being primitive.