The water of life II

Instinctively, I shook my head.

"Well then pay attention."

"The first place is the place where the water of life has the greatest healing power. People for whom illness is a matter of life and death must go to this first place. If you arrive at the lake of the ancestors in a dream, then you will recognize the lake the ancestors if there is absolutely no wind. There never blows even the hint of a breeze. All people arriving at the lake of the ancestors arrive near the first place. The first place is marked by a large stone eagle as high as a man, which was made of red stone. This is not a stone eagle. He is a living creature, a Nangi. "

"What is a Nangi?"

"A Nangi is a living creature that lives in a stone. It has made his home there and it lives many thousands of years. The Nangi is welcomed by the arrivals and no one should run immediately to the lake, because the arrivals have to wait whether the ancestors approve the visit. They can talk to the Nangi. If he wants to, he will get outside the stone. The eagle is very trustworthy. Whatever he tells can be believed. If the eagle gives an advice to the arrivals they should heed the advice because the advice has the quality of an command which will have a negative impact if they are not followed. "

"If it remains quiet and nothing unusual happens, then the Nangi disappear. The red stone disappears from one moment to another and the visitor can walk to the sea. Here he sits at the lake without going into it. He breathes the wet air, the smell. He looks into the clear water and he will see in the mirror image his disease. Now he orders the disease to move into the lake. The mirror image in the lake will obey and the illness of the visitor too. The visitor is healed and he can go . The first place is the place of healing. "

"The people have the ability to send the diseases into the water. The water absorbs the disease but only if they did enter the place with the permission of the ancestors and if they chose the right place."

"Ah, and how will people today proceed, when they don't know how to find the place wit the water of life?"

To be continued ...


Jenaisle said...

Yes, Ray how will we proceed? We don't know the way to this "water of life". I would like to know the way, so I can cure myself of all the illnesses that I have - despair, sadness and sometimes hopelessness. is there a cure for these types of diseases?

Thanks for a mind boggling post. Keeps me thinking...

Jenaisle said...

and is nangi a real bird? I'm too lazy to google it now. I can't seem to categorize the real from the fantasy here. Thanks.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jenaisle, the water of life for you? Maybe you will find your water while writing a novel, writing a way to the water.
The story is meant to stir a memory, to let an inner bell ring. If the reader feels some sort of ring inside, he got in touch with his personal way.

Well I do hope there is no real bird called nangi because it stands for a lifeform of the second attention.
Thank you for posing this questions.