The water of life III

Miriam smiles. "The people in former times knew no longer where the ancestors had lived. They knew what they're looking for and where they had to search in themselves. Everybody finds the place of the ancestors, as long as he looks for two things."

"Which were?"

"The red stone eagle, the lull at the sea. Whoever is looking for will arrive. Do you know the second place?"

"No, how should I?", I replied.

"The second place is the place where the ancestors celebrated and were happy. The celebration is important for the soul of the people. If you have passed the Nangi, then you turn left. Never go right along, because that's where things wait, that will lead you astray, even if you do not respond to. The traveler walks a short while, then he meets a head high green stone statue. The second Nangi. The Nangi has the shape of a frog and his place marks the celebration place of the ancestors.

If you dance and sing, then you you power yourself with energy. The soul is filled with strength and even the greatest difficulties will be overcome. The place is situated at the beach and whoever sings and dances here should also go with his naked feet through the warm seawater. Tired and exhausted people will recover. "

"If you've danced enough, then the Nangi appears. If it does you should not be sad, but should simply say good bye and go. You always go back to the place where you have arrived. From here you can find back in your world. "

To be continued ...


Lucy Lopez said...

What an enchanting blog you have...and in English too!!! If only I could write as well in German... :-)

Blessings, Lucy

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear lucy, I welcome to my blog and thank you for the flowers. ;-)

Jenaisle said...

You know Ray, your story brings me to an entirely different world. Dreamlike world of nangis, red stone eagles, etc. (this is the first time I have read this).

I marvel at how creative your mind is , being able to come up with something completely out of the blue. You have to create new worlds and new words. That would entail a lot of creativity and intelligence...

I tried once writing a sci-fi short story, and it was fun and definitely a challenge because I had to create new words.

Kudos to you for this superb post.

Keep posting..