Secrets of archeology

Terror Bird descendant

Dear readers. The time has come to open our eyes. There were events for mankind in the past, dark moments accompanied with not-so-flattering facts. To talk about it means not any intention of fouling our human nest. The analysis will help us to get more familiar with ourselves.

Humans love to imitate things. In the animal kingdom, we can observe imitation particularly among apes.

And we humans love it, to see our own motives in the behavior of other people or creatures, we project.

In the primeval the minds of people not as trained as they are today and still some animals were superior to humans. This superiority is one of the best kept secrets of archeology.

  • Case 1
The primeval horse was smaller than today's living species. This horse was not only small, it was cunning and to lazy to walk. Time and again primeval horses lurked in ambush, jumped on the shoulders of humans and forced them through bites into the sensitive ears that they carried the horses around. Sometimes the tribe was forced to care for members of the tribe that were abandoned by primeval horses, ridden until exhaustion made them faint. The horses had fed them only grass and weeds but the human 'horse' needed other nutrition.

Thus the people got the idea that other animals might be useful for riding, yet it took thousands of years before humans became able to ride horses. Hushed Fact: humans mimic the primeval horse and humans pretend today that they came up with the idea, which is a projection of today's self-understanding of man on primeval man.

* Case 2

At that time the terror birds possessed a hypnosis lid which they lost later as a result of a spontaneous mutation. fossilized hypnosis eyelids were recently discovered. The excavation technicians, who discovered them were found helpless in a chicken coop. They had followed will-less each randomly on the road running chicken.
The terrorist chickens of that time used people as ovens to hatch their eggs and warm their homes. Practical matter for them. Humans later took the idea and kept the benign chicken variant. And still k animals keep in so many old farmhouse the stable warm in winter. Hushed fact. Terror chicken made humans will-less and the keeping of chickens was an invention of the primeval terror chickens.

For me it is a scandal is that we all are continuously told lies. Good day .... ;-)


SKBYI Society said...

Yes! These facts are so interesting and thanks for sharing. I love to read blog that give me information I never knew about. So many things were different in those Primaeval times. But one thing that has always stayed the same is the "Primaeval Lord" Sri Krishna. Cheers!
Bhakta David

Jena Isle said...

This is the first time I came across these amazing data. It is difficult to understand that things occur the other way around. Thanks for sharing.